15 November 2015

Halfway Point

At the beginning of the year I started using stickers as a way to motivate and document my writing days. It was an idea I'd adopted from Laini Taylor (see here). Let's say the last few months have had more blank spaces than Taylor Swift.

But not November.

November has been exactly what I needed it to be.

It has been the kick in the pants I needed to do the work, to reestablish routines.

It has been fun.

It has been surprising.

It has been challenging.

I have been inspired and delighted. 

25,230 words in and I am so happy. I look forward to sitting down each day to see how this story progresses, to see what my characters have in store, what twists and turns they'll take me on.

This story is very much about music and love songs and how they shape and define our ideas about love, from the time we are small children to the time we fall in love for real and for the first time. There is a soundtrack I've been building to slowly accompany these words and each day I look forward to seeing what song will find its way to my story.

So far.